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Limited Edition



White2Nite X Marilyn Monroe™, Natural Teeth Whitening Pen with Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Cap

From the award-winning natural oral care brand since 2007, Dale Audrey R.D.H. WHITE2NITE, the first true Natural teeth whitening pen, is enamel safe, non-toxic, and does not contribute to tooth or gum sensitivity. Our proprietary formula is professional strength and begins the whitening process instantly, with many seeing results with the first use. WHITE2NITE is an easy, brush-on application and the perfect way to whiten and maintain a brighter, whiter smile on-the-go.

Dentist Recommended

  No Sensitivity to teeth or gums

  Enamel & Laminate Safe

  Easy on the go, No Tray needed

  Never tested on animals

  Vegan, Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

  Fresh Natural Mint

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Natural Flavor, Alcohol, Pomegranate Extract (Pulica Granatum), Chamomile Reculta), Aloe, Barbadenis Leaf Juice, Xylitol

Five-Star Customer Reviews


Melissa W.
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It works! It works! Whitening your own teeth at home is as easy as coloring like a little kid-- haha, but now I'm old enough to know that Dale Audrey's products are brilliantly safe and effective. I'm ready for my closeup!
Pinky D.
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This is my first time using this whitener pen and it works! people it works! I’ve been using Audrey products specially and mainly the oil pulling for 3 years. these are the product that conventional dentist don’t agree to but buy some and try it yourself.
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I love this pen I just bought my 2nd one. I am always hesitant to use whitners due to sensitivity. Not with this product. White teeth no sensativity and no harsh chemicals. Love it!
White2Nite Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

“Few smiles are more legendary than Marilyn Monroe’s. In keeping with Marilyn’s philosophy that there was always a reason to smile, Dale Audrey, R.D.H., a pioneering visionary in natural oral care, created this exclusive teeth whitening solution to help everyone enjoy a world-famous, glowing smile.

An Innovator in natural oral care since 1983, the Dale Audrey brand is renowned for natural, effective, and affordable oral care solutions that create naturally beautiful, healthy, smiles. Our formulas are sourced from the finest natural and organic ingredients to help you enjoy optimum oral health.

“An icon and entrepreneur in her day, Marilyn Monroe’s natural beauty, optimism and radiant smile are an inspiration to all of us.”

–Dale Audrey, R.D.H.


The natural, effective, and affordable way to a brighter, whiter—iconic smile!

WHITE2NITE X MARILYN MONROE, Natural Teeth Whitening Pen with Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Cap

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